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[BKARTS] One yard of #540-01???

I am looking for just one yard of book cloth #540-01, the light silver
(almost light lavender in some light) shantung book cloth. I have tried
Hiromi, Paper Routes, and New York Central with no luck. Yes, I know I can
order a 5 yard minimum from Campbell-Logan, but I only need one yard.
Does anybody have any ideas? or maybe one yard you could spare? Just thought
I would check here first before I have to pay $77.25 for the only one yard
of cloth I need!
Thank you so much,

Nicole Andersen  B O O K  A R T S
    fine hand bound books, albums, portfolios, and boxes

555 O'Neill Avenue, No. 1
Belmont, California 94002
phone and fax: 650 596 0775

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