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[BKARTS] Strong perfect binding cement

I spent a really fascinating morning yesterday with a friend here in Cancun
who has the franchise for NewspaperDirect <http://www.newspaperdirect.ru/>.
He downloads special print-on-demand versions of any of 150 newspapers and
prints them out and sells them to tourists and local people all along the
Mexican Caribbean.

The 32-page newspapers are formatted especially for tabloid Xerox Docutech
printers. Since he can't fold the papers like a regular newspaper, he
perfect-binds them, using two glues, one acrylic, the other a Duco-type
transparent glue called Uhu, which he buys in maximum-sized tubes. This is
ok for now, as he is still only selling 500 papers a day, but it's expensive
and clumsy to use.

Acrylic glue alone isn't strong enough to stand the repeated unfolding,
folding and general handling, but the combination is excellent, much better
than side-staples.

Any ideas on a better product that can be purchased in quart or gallon
quantities and applied with a brush or spatula?

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