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Re: [BKARTS] Weight comparisons

Hi Vi

To convert from the US standards to metric you really need to know 3
things - the sheet size, the number of sheets per ream (which varies
depending on the type of paper) and the poundage. Have a look at the
following sites for more details:

http://www.ippaper.com/runcalcs_conversions.html (a great little calculator)

There's heaps more on the net - try a google search.
Hope this helps,

> I wonder if anyone is able to give me comparative weights for paper and
> board - particularly board.  Australia uses gsm or ums but I have some
> instructions from the US that mention 2ply and 4ply board, even 10 point
> and 20 point, and # (lbs).  Apparently the weights are not even standard
> across the industry.  I think my thickness gauge measures in microns.

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