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Re: [BKARTS] Question from a new book binder - May Kitten


Thanks for the hints on where to look for suppliers!!

I made some book cloths this week with ... well ... varying success :-)

I followed the instructions in the Japanese bookbinding book.  The
instructions say to put paste on the paper side and stick the book
cloth down to a board to dry ... it makes them dry wonderfully flat!
BUT .. when I tried to get them up, I had issues with the paper tearing
and staying on the board.  I used the same consistency of glue for both
the paper-to-fabric and paper-to-board sticking .... should there be a
difference?  BTW, I used a flour-starch cooked glue.

-- Ariaya

--- Silver MayKitten <maykitten1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Look in your yellow pages for the following headings:
>      Shipping Supplies & Containers
>      Paper Distributors
>      Packaging Materials
>      Boxes - Corragated and Boxboard
>      Bags - Paper & Plastic
> I get my tissue from Xpedx.
> I have allways claaed it just Bleached Packing Tissue
> or Wraping Tissue. You can get small packages of it in
> the gift wrap department of Wal-Mart.
> If you use paper that is too thick, like 50 pound
> book, your fabric bulks up too much.
> MayKitten

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