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[BKARTS] Workshop Corrections

Ars Brevis Press in Cincinnati recently sent out an announcement of summer
workshops with incorrect dates. Apologies. We would gladly behead the
responsible parties except that we need them to do everything else around
here. A completed, corrected announcement appears below, in case you didn't
get it or have misplaced your list.

Please make a note of the date change for part two of the Photopolymer Plate

Letterpress Printing with Photopolymer Plates (Runs two Saturdays)
The use of photo-polymer plates allows you to create letterpress designs on
the computer or by hand, or a combination of both. Prior knowledge of
letterpress printing and computer typesetting is encouraged. The first day
will be spent learning the basics of how these plates work, including a
variety of a hand techniques as well as scanning and set-up of computer
files for polymer output. Then we¹ll make or order the plates and be ready
to print at the next meeting. Class limit = 5. Fee = $125 + materials*. June
14 and June 28, 1-5pm

Other summer workshops dealing with letterpress and book arts are listed
below. If you are interested, please contact me via email for a registration
form. Class fill fast, so register early.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, Ohio

Introduction to Letterpress (Weekend workshop)
Learn the basics of hand typesetting and letterpress printing. You will be
able to plan, design, and print a simple project, such as greeting cards,
business cards, or broadsides (small posters). No prior letterpress
experience required. Class limit = 5. Fee = $100 + materials*. This workshop
runs both Saturday and Sunday, with two sessions to choose from: June 7-8 or
July 26-27, 1-5pm.

Beyond the Basics in Letterpress: Dream Projects You know the basics of
typesetting and printing. Now you can really go to work! Learn more of the
finer points of typesetting, as well as printing on the platen press, page
layout and binding for simple books and other more complex projects. Prior
experience required. Class limit = 5. Fee = $125+ materials* This workshop
runs both Saturday and Sunday, June 21-22, 10-5pm

Screenprinting at Home
Expand your imagemaking possibilities with screenprinting. Screenprinting
is a remarkably versatile, yet simple process requiring no special or heavy
equipment, and you can get fantastic results with a simple home setup.
You¹ll learn about various ways of getting images onto the screen, and
printing editions onto various papers or other materials. Class limit = 5.
Fee = $75 + materials* July 12, 1-5pm

The Digital Book: Designing and Printing Books on a Computer (One-day
Electronic technologies have created a revolution in publishing, giving the
power of the printing press to just about everyone who has access to a
computer. But there are many tips and tricks that can help you design and
produce books (and other projects) that have a more professional look. We¹ll
cover materials and design, as well as working with photographs (digital and
silver), scanning, typography, page layout and printing options. No prior
design or printing experience is necessary. Class limit: 5. Fee = $75 +
materials.* July 26, 11-5pm

Private instruction, shop rental and work study are available, as are
special workshops for groups. Fees are due upon registration. Fees will be
refunded if the workshop is cancelled, or if participants cancel at least 2
weeks before the workshop. *Materials costs will vary depending on the
project. Workshop fees discounted 10% for Cincinnati Book Arts Society

To register, or get more information, call 513-233-9588
or visit: www.arsbrevispress.com

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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