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Re: [BKARTS] Question from a new book binder - May Kitten

One thing you might try is instead of using a "board" (you don't say what
kind of board) use a piece of plexiglas. When I make laminated papers, I dry
them on a sheet of plexi and when dry, they just pop right off, clean as a
whistle and ready to go. I have also had success backing cloth with paper
using Fusion 4000 or other iron on adhesives, some available in fabric
stores (get the thinnest kind you can find so you don't add too much body or
stiffness to the cloth.) The Fusion is great because it is so thin it
virtually disappears when bonded. It should be available at University
Products or similar online sources where  photo products are sold.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

on 5/19/03 9:23 AM, Ariaya Sylva at ariaya2002@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> MayKitten,
> Thanks for the hints on where to look for suppliers!!
> I made some book cloths this week with ... well ... varying success :-)
> I followed the instructions in the Japanese bookbinding book.  The
> instructions say to put paste on the paper side and stick the book
> cloth down to a board to dry ... it makes them dry wonderfully flat!
> BUT .. when I tried to get them up, I had issues with the paper tearing
> and staying on the board.  I used the same consistency of glue for both
> the paper-to-fabric and paper-to-board sticking .... should there be a
> difference?  BTW, I used a flour-starch cooked glue.
> -- Ariaya
> --- Silver MayKitten <maykitten1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Look in your yellow pages for the following headings:
>>      Shipping Supplies & Containers
>>      Paper Distributors
>>      Packaging Materials
>>      Boxes - Corragated and Boxboard
>>      Bags - Paper & Plastic
>> I get my tissue from Xpedx.
>> I have allways claaed it just Bleached Packing Tissue
>> or Wraping Tissue. You can get small packages of it in
>> the gift wrap department of Wal-Mart.
>> If you use paper that is too thick, like 50 pound
>> book, your fabric bulks up too much.
>> MayKitten

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