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Re: [BKARTS] Question from a new book binder - May Kitten

MayKitten writes, about making bookcloth using Kojiro Kegami's

"I followed the instructions in the Japanese bookbinding book.  The
instructions say to put paste on the paper side and stick the book
cloth down to a board to dry ... it makes them dry wonderfully flat!
BUT .. when I tried to get them up, I had issues with the paper tearing
and staying on the board.  I used the same consistency of glue for both
the paper-to-fabric and paper-to-board sticking ..."

I hang my newly pasted bookcloths to dry on the wonderfully large
plate-glass window in the dining room.  The cloth is cut larger all
around than the lining paper (I mostly use Tableau, a Japanese hemp
paper), and so there is a framing "mat" of pasted cloth which sticks to
the plate glass.  No problem with sticking; as a matter of fact, I know
it's dry when it falls off the plate glass :)


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

e-mail:  callibeth@xxxxxxxxxxx
website:  mywebpages.comcast.net/callibeth

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