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[BKARTS] Tadashi in San Francisco

I'm attaching a note I received from Tadasi Mitsui.  It tells about a great opportunity for people in the San Francisco Bay Area so see beautifully crafted books and it is a good object lessons for those of us interested in new ways to promote our books and to reach a wider audience.  Go Tadashi!

Subscribers to this list in the Manhattan area will know of Tadashi's books from the shows he's participated in, the workshops he's given, and from the inventive windows he's created for the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Rockefeller Center.  It's nice to see his work being shown in other areas.

Ed (Hutchins)


This sounds corny but I am demonstrating some of my book art and collage 
techniques at Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco at 380 Post St., on 5/22 
Thursday from 4 to 8 PM, as a part of Kanebo cosmetics launching promotion. 
You may see some of my book sculpture at their window for this week.

Please forward this information who may be interested in and live around the 


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