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Re: [BKARTS] Spokeshave


I just bought a spokeshave to use for paring and although I don't have
past experience with paring in this way I can relate my observations so

The blade needs some work to get it sharp enough for this work. No
surprise there. Removing hold down from the blade, then holding the
blade in the body with my hand while looking down the blade length
against a light I can see that the seat for the blade is far from flat.
I've spent some time filing this seat to give the blade a nice flat
bed. The throat of the device (space above the blade where the shavings
come through) seems a bit small and tends to get clogged with leather
so I'm filing this open a little. The underside of the spokeshave has
some burs around the opening for the blade so I'm polishing the bottom
surface and insuring the burs are gone. My blade wasn't holding
adjustment well and I discovered the two screw shafts used in
adjustment hadn't been tightened at the factory!

Prior to buying my spokeshave I read all I could find in the list
archives about them. There are some good comments. I've also been
guided by my memory of an article in Fine Woodworking (a periodical
published by Tauton Press) called "Tuning Up Your Spokeshave". Sorry I
don't know the issue but I believe it was this year.

The last thing I've observed, since the blade adjustments run in slots
to push/pull the blade, I've seen that the final adjustment must be
made on the push (screwing the adjustments in rather that out). If you
don't do this, the first shaving will push the blade back a tiny
distance, the amount that the slots are larger than the adjustment

Hope this helps. My basic approach with this tool is to tear it apart
and make every part of it mine. Oh, and I also have plans on the board
for a paring clamp so I can get a large, no marring grip on the
leather. I like making tools though.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 06:18 AM, David Lanning wrote:

One of our customers has asked for specific advice on how to prepare a
brand new spokeshave for use with leather.  Does any one know if
instructions have ever been written?



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