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[BKARTS] Smaller deckled paper?

I'm looking for a paper that is deckled on two sides, but need something
smaller than normal. I usually work with parent sheets and cut them down,
but in this case, I have a client who wants to take something about 11x8.5
and fold it in half to 5.5x8.5, with a deckle on the outside edge (the 8.5
side). Can anyone recommend a good quality archival paper (machine or mould
made is ok) that would have this type of deckle that is comparably priced
with commercial stock (ie, writing paper such as Classic Crest, etc.)? I
could only think of handmade sheets, such as Twin Rocker, but I hope there
are more choices. Thanks.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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