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Re: [BKARTS] publishing cards


I don't know what kind of quantity you are talking about, but years ago,
when I did a short stint as a design director for a trading card/game
company, we used a card printer near Cleveland. (The name escapes me now,
but if you do a search for trading card and printer I bet you will find
them.) I suspect, however, that such a printer might not be cost effective
unless you are talking about very large runs. When I was there doing a press
check (at 3 am, of course) they were also printing a huge quantity of
trading cards for the movie Golden Eye. It was quite fascinating.

Even for smaller runs, you could consider having a die made to cut the
cards. Dies are not cheap, but they save a LOT of time and hassle and labor.
Any reputable printer should be able to help you with this.

Katie Harper

on 5/23/03 11:19 AM, Dorothy Krause at dotkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I have a tarot deck I'm considering publishing. The major arcana were
> done in 1996 as individual pieces of art 24" x 16". Last year I completed
> the minor arcana which are not posted.
> Several times a week I receive requests for information on purchasing the
> cards which now exist only virtually. I've printed and trimmed two decks
> by hand, but the labor would make those decks collectors items. If I
> undertake to have the printing done I'd like to feel I could recoup my
> investment.
> Any suggestions or comments as to how I might undertake this project will
> be very appreciated.
> Dot
> Dorothy Simpson Krause
> 32 Nathaniel Way, P.O. Box 421
> Marshfield Hills, MA 02051
> 781-837-1682 phone,  781-834-1782 fax
> dotkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.dotkrause.com
> http://www.dotkrause.com/art/tarot/tarot.htm

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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