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Re: [BKARTS] publishing cards

Before I go into detail, what size are you having them
printed? In what quantity? Tarot cards are usually
printed 9x9 or 81 up on large sheets, 26X40" on a 40"
press and the three extra cards bear advertising.

The cards are then coated on both sides with a matte

The slitter-diecutter is a machine special to the
production of playing and tarot cards. It consists of
four sections, feeder, slitter, rotery diecutter and
collating stacker. The machine is capable of producing
800-900 decks of cards per hour

The feeder feeds one sheet into the slitter at a time
and is timed not to feed another sheet into the
machine untill the last sheet has reached the stacker,
and the stacker has advanced to receive rhe next
complete deck.

The next station is the slitter, which uses ten
rotating knives to slit the cards into nine working
strips with two slender strips of waste. cross tapes
feed the cut strips in order into the rotery

The rotery diecutter runs much fster than the rest of
rhe machine and has a rotery die that does the actual
cutting and round cornering of the cards, dropping
them in order into the collator-stacker. A photocell
just ahead of the diecutter head signals when the last
strip of the sheet has been fed into the diecutting
head and advances the stacker and allows the feeder
feed the next sheet into the machine.

The collator is a series of bins formed by fingers
advancing through rails to drag the finished decks
through the delivery area, so that an operator can
pick each deck out of the machine, inspect it and put
it into the shrink wrapper. The stacker had an over
and under sensor in the "bin" after the accumulator
that drops a finger on the just ejected deck and if a
deck os over or under count it stops the feeder from
feeding untill the inspector determines the problem
and presses a reset button. Likewise there is a photo
cell under rhe rails at the last 'box" of rhe delivery
that stops the machine from feeding if the inspector
lets a deck gets that far down the line.


--- Dorothy Krause <dotkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a tarot deck I'm considering publishing. The
> major arcana were
> done in 1996 as individual pieces of art 24" x 16".
> Last year I completed
> the minor arcana which are not posted.
> Several times a week I receive requests for
> information on purchasing the
> cards which now exist only virtually. I've printed
> and trimmed two decks
> by hand, but the labor would make those decks
> collectors items. If I
> undertake to have the printing done I'd like to feel
> I could recoup my
> investment.
> Any suggestions or comments as to how I might
> undertake this project will
> be very appreciated.
> Dot
> Dorothy Simpson Krause
> 32 Nathaniel Way, P.O. Box 421
> Marshfield Hills, MA 02051
> 781-837-1682 phone,  781-834-1782 fax
> dotkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.dotkrause.com
> http://www.dotkrause.com/art/tarot/tarot.htm

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