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Re: [BKARTS] anyone ever rounded a link-stitched(coptic) book?

Don -- in Keith Smith's vol 3 Nonadhesive Binding book there is a set of
directions for rounding.  it involves a more delicate process than normal
rounding, and the end result does not appear to loosen things. however, he
states that it's a new idea that he's developed with colleagues and hasn't
yet withstood the test of time.

i was curious as to whether anyone had tried this new method.

- kbk

> Kristen,
> It's a bit hard to imagine what would exert the force to forward those
> pages and keep them there. Seems like a round non-adhesive would just
> be a loose binding that was temporarily arranged with a round spine!
> Puzzled.
> Don Drake
> Dreaming Mind

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