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Re: [BKARTS] Courses in England

Dear Betsy,

The following is extracted from our newsletter, 'Skin Deep'.  The
information is also available online at:  http://www.hewit.com/skindeep.htm

The City Lit Bookbinding Summer School
An Album with its Own Slipcase
Date: 8th July - 10th July 2003 Tuition: £60.00 (Conc. £30.00)
Level: All levels Tutor: Kathy Abbott
This course shows you (1) how to make a book which is used to store
documents such as photographs, letters, postcards or ephemera, and (2) how
to make a cloth-covered slipcase for the book in order to protect it and to
keep it dust-free. The book, or album, will be covered with cloth and
decorated paper, and you will learn how to make it in such a way as to allow
adequate space (or compensation) for the thickness of the items which it
will hold. You will learn important basic principles that will enable you to
practise further on your own.

A Leather Notebook
Date 11th July 2003 Tuition: £25.00 (Conc. £15.00)
Level: All levels Tutor: Jen Lindsay
This is a small book with a flexible leather cover. The pages are attached
to the cover with long stitches of coloured thread, which are visible on the
spine as a decorative feature. These are excellent small sketchbooks or
notebooks as they open to lie completely flat, they slip readily into a
pocket or bag and they are very easy to make at home.

A Coptic Book
Date: 15th - 17th July 2003 Tuition: £60.00 (Conc. £30.00)
Level: All levels Tutor: Jen Lindsay
This course shows you how to make a leather-bound book based on a method
used to bind Coptic manuscripts which was established by the seventh or
eighth centuries AD. You will learn how to prepare the boards, sew the
text-block and attach the boards with a linked (Coptic) stitch, sew similar
(Coptic) endbands, cover the book with leather and make and attach the
leather loops and toggles which hold the book closed. This course is
appropriate for anyone interested in the early history of books, or for
those who would like a fresh approach to making books.

Gold Tooling
Date: 21st - 25th July 2003 Tuition: £98.00 (Conc. £49.00)
Level: All levels Tutor: Tracey Rowledge
This course is an introduction to the technique of tooling with gold leaf on
leather, and can also be a refresher course for those who wish to build on
some previous experience of the subject. Gold tooling (also known as
'finishing') can seem a particularly difficult skill to acquire, but the
understanding of materials and techniques which you will gain from this
course will give you the confidence and the ability to practise further on
your own. If you have done this course before, you may wish to return to
consolidate your skills or to work on a specific project.

Make A Finishing Tool
Date: 26th July 2003 Tuition: £25.00 (Conc. £15.00)
Level: All levels Tutor: Tracey Rowledge
Finishing tools are the brass tools that are used for impressing, by hand,
lettering or decoration on malleable surfaces such as leather, paper or
wood. This course shows you how to make a tool of your own design (of a
simple shape) from brass stock or by re-cutting a damaged tool.

For all of these courses, please ensure that you obtain the list of
materials and equipment that you will need. A fee for materials will be
Where: Room 21 at The City Lit. 6 Bolt Court, Fleet Street,
London EC4A 3DQ
Information: Course outlines are available from: +44 (0) 20 7405 0931 or
from visualarts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Urchfont Manor College

Bookbinding: Repair & Conservation
Date: 30th June - 4th July 2003 Tutor: Maureen Duke
General Topics plus special topic: Deciding upon your techniques and

Bookbinding: Repair & Conservation
Date: 18th - 22nd August 2003 Tutor: Maureen Duke
General Topics plus special topic: Endpapers

Bookbinding: Repair & Conservation
Date: 27th - 31st October 2003 Tutor: Maureen Duke
General Topics plus special topic: Library Styles

Further information on these courses is available from:
The Secretary, Urchfont Manor College
Urchfont, Devizes, WILTSHIRE, SN10 4RG
Tel: +44 (0) 1380 840495 Fax: +44 (0) 1380 840005 E-mail:

best wishes,


David Lanning
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.
Mobile: 07947 754842
Voice Mail: +44 (0) 1494 435314

Edinburgh Numbers
Tel: +44 (0) 131 449 2206
Fax: +44 (0) 131 451 5081

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> Any suggestions on where to study in England next summer for some
> bookbinding classes? I will be doing a workshop in The Czech Republic and
> wanted to come through England on the way back to the States and hopefully
> take a week or two for a course.
> Thanks
> Betsy
> On 5/22/2003 04:48 PM, "Peter D. Verheyen" <verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Just wanted to let everyone know that all copies of the tape have now
> > sold. If more are interested additional copies can be made, but will
> > require prepayment. Tapes of this excellent lecture are $30 each,
> > including s/h. Please send check made payable to Syracuse University to:
> >
> > Peter Verheyen
> > Special Collections Research Center
> > Syracuse University Library
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