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[BKARTS] Book arts in Venice - answer

Please forgive this somewhat personal posting to the list. I have
attempted to send this and it has been bounced several times.....I must
be doing something wrong. This pertains to the Scuola Internazionale di
Grafica in Venice Italy.


I never took a class there, but I am a art department chairman. I had
to review their curriculum and facilities for an agreement between my
school and the Scoula, so I visited Venice and did that over a three
day period last summer. I met with the faculty and saw evidence of
previous instruction in book arts and was very impressed. They have a
small library upstairs in a loft of the printshop where they have kept
copies of bookart work.

Knowing that the results are tied somewhat to instruction, I felt that
the books I saw were creative, they demonstrated excellent
craftsmanship and some used the Venice experience as a basis for
content. There was individual creativity, so not all of the books
reflected the instructor's vision. Carrie Galbraith was the instructor
that I talked with. I really liked her and her teaching philosophy.

The school's physical site is small, but elegant. That would be
understandable considering the location, but I found it to be almost
idyllic. The energy level was excellent and I see that they will be
having a British guest artist this summer, so there should be an
excellent show there (printmaking) and events to participate in.

I envy you your opportunity to take their course. An extended period of
study there, such as two weeks, will offer you an excellent time period
for the exploration of the islands and of the people there and of
bookarts. I am on sabbatical right now, and regret that I had not
planned as part of my sabbatical work to go there.

When you go, try to take all of the papers and things with you that you
will need. I did find supplies to be very expensive there, but you can
get some things there you can't get in the states, which was very nice.

If you have any other questions, just let me know. Good luck and do let
me know your experiences there after you get back.

Belinda Peters

On Wednesday, May 21, 2003, at 10:27 AM, Anne Schock wrote:

Hi Belinda,
I saw your response posting on the Book listserve and are now
taking the two week Book arts course in August- Thanks! Did you
actually take the course
and if so is it structured in a way that starts from a traditionalist's
perspective and moves toward creative possibilities. I am a photo
archivist with a creative background. Thanks in advance for any info.
Anne Schock.

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