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Re: [BKARTS] Sequel to Unbinding the Book

Dear Barbara,

I would like to put my request in for a copy of More Concertina Madness.
I'll put a check in the mail this week.  I am still working my way through
all of the first book, and I look forward to the second.

Thanks so much!
Carolyn Coates

>Hi everyone! Well, the second book (in what I think will be series of four)
>is ready to go. Here's the information, for all those who liked my first one,
>Unbinding the Book: The Boundless Concertina (and that was a lot of you,
>More Concertina Madness, by Barbara Harman
>This book picks up where Unbinding the Book left off, with slightly more
>complicated projects along with a couple of simple but indispensible extras.
>Again, it is a soft-cover, handbound book of two signatures, 48 pages, copied
>by Kinko's from my originals. Step-by-step instructions are heavily
>illustrated with drawings produced in Adobe Illustrator and formatted using
>Quark XPress. It contains nine projects, including three versions of tunnel
>books, and many suggestions for variations. Here's the Table of Contents:
>The Cover Designed to Fall Apart
>Decorative Cover Strap
>Reversible Accordion
>Portable Museum
>Tricorder (a collapsing, tumble-in concertina format)
>Vade Mecum (the expanded version)
>Tunnel Books (3 versions)
>Anyone who is interested in purchasing can send me a check for $15 for the
>book, plus $3 postage and handling and I'll send you a copy. Additionally,
>Unbinding the Book is still available (for anyone who missed it the first,
>second and third times around) for $12.50 plus $2.50 postage and handling.
>Send your orders to:
>Barbara Harman
>3316 Harriet Avenue South
>Minneapolis, MN 55408
>and I'll send you a book! Thanks, Barbara

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