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Re: [BKARTS] Introduction and Inkjet print life


I had a question about archival matters (in regard to something else)
and I went to the Huntington Museum and asked a conservator there. She
said, "put it in a microwave." Must be a quick and dirty way to reveal
what will eventually happen. Never actually tried it.

Hard to know if archival ink jet will last 200 years. Way back when
there was a controversy between parchment and the new upstart, paper,
there was a critical question proffered as to how long paper could
possibly last. The proposed "two hundred years?" didn't seem long enough
at the time. And some of that paper is still around.

But I have noticed that there is a yellowish transfer to the facing page
from ink jet images over a relative short period of time. This could
happen with any printing process, to some extent (depending on...), but
this may be an overlooked bit of concern.


By "forever," I mean forty years - Mark Twain

...Epson makes "archival" inks that they say will
last 200 years or more, and other ink jet mfrs. probably have archival inks
as well. No one knows for sure, of course, since this technology has only
been around a short while, and all of it is dependent upon the conditions of
storage of the prints (ie, not exposed to direct light or oxygen); but the
the assumption is that if you use archival inks on an archival substrate,
your prints will have a reasonable chance of outliving all of us.

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