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Re: [BKARTS] Introduction and Inkjet print life

From: "Gerald Lange" <Bieler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I had a question about archival matters (in regard to something else)
> and I went to the Huntington Museum and asked a conservator there. She
> said, "put it in a microwave." Must be a quick and dirty way to reveal
> what will eventually happen. Never actually tried it.

Gosh--why not?? I just did. Wife walks in and asks what I doing. "I'm
microwaving the Epson test page". "Of course you are, dear--good-night..."

Having done so, I can report that the results proved without question that
the Windows logo as printed by my Epson will last at least 200 years (if the
Huntington conservator can be trusted).

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