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Re: [BKARTS] Introduction and Inkjet print life


I think that your suggestions and queries are quite on the mark. I
didn't think the microwave test would reveal anything truthful in terms
of real time, thus I did not pursue it. I'm not discounting it but my
concerns then were quite serious and a bit more complicated. My question
to the conservator was answered by a laboratory test. I'd been
experimenting with an alternative carrier (alternative to water) for
significant watercolor application to an already letterpress printed
page. My concerns were that the original ink and impression and paper
not be effected by the carrier. The manufacturer of the watercolor
carried out the test. About eight years now and still looking good!!!


Jen, if you're shopping, I'd recommend you see
where Bill Waterson is testing prints people send him, he also has some good
explanation of light exposure and how he measures.

I'm finding this is a bit more complicated than it appears, though,
because most
testing accelerates the process, it doesn't duplicate, meaning that
are more extreme and the difference between the two MAY give different
it may not. So tests are only a rough guess, a lot depends on the particular
storage of the particular work. {Not that anyone expected precision from a
microwave ; -)  but thank you for the tip!}

Gerald, I'm so curious to know the parallels between actual light
exposure over
time & the microwave, that the conservator recommended it. Did she say?


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