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[BKARTS] Publishing opportunity for women artists

Dear Everyone: The following call for artists is from my friend, Susan
Koppelman. Dr. Koppelman has made it her life's work to search out and make
available women's writings in short fiction. She has edited nine collections of
stories, including "Women in the Trees: U.S. Women's Short Stories about Battering
and Resistance. 1839-1994," in which I have a story. Susan is also an
enthusiastic collector of women's art (she has many of my works) and has been
instrumental in helping to get some of my short stories published. If you feel your
work fits the criteria she outlines below, please do send her a jpeg file for
consideration. Because the publication date for this book is soon, your prompt
response is important. Please read the entire message for pertinent information
before responding to Susan. Thanks, Barbara Harman

<<I would like to look at art that might be appropriate to use on the cover
of the expanded edition of Between Mothers and Daughters: Stories Across a
Generation.  The Feminist Press will pay $250 plus four copies of the book for
world rights to use the image on the cover and on related advertising ephemera
such as brochures and periodical ads.

If you have a work you'd like considered for this purpose, please send to me
a jpeg,  72 dpi resolution to <huddis@xxxxxxx>.  Include the title of the
work, dimensions, medium, date produced and the artist's name in the body of the
email and send the image with it as an attachment.

As soon as we find something we think "right" for the job, we'll stop looking
at new material and will post a notice saying we are no longer looking.
Please do not contact me or the press for more information or to learn of our
interest. We will contact you if we want to consider your work more closely. The
selected artist will be asked for a higher resolution image in a format usable
by the Press. This information will be made available at a later date. Please
start sending your images ASAP.

The book is scheduled to be published in time for Thanksgiving of this (2003)

Please keep in mind that the stories are written by and are about women of
various races, ethnicities, generations, regions, religious backgrounds,
physical types, classes, sexualities, etc.  The stories also represent a wide variety
of literary sub-genres -- experimental fiction, short-shorts, science
fiction, literary fiction, etc.

You can see the original cover at
http://www.cornillon.com/nathan/susan/main.asp along with the covers of various of my other books. The original cover
used a Mary Cassatt ("The Banjo Player") which I love but the publisher believes
is too "soft" for the new cover.  She's looking for something "sharper."  I
also love the Isabel Bishops used on two of my other books.  The publisher is
not crazy about them.  We are looking for color, no abstracts.  We will be using
a work by Beryl Cook on the companion volume to be published at the same time
("The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe" and other stories of Women and

The book is an expanded edition of my 1985 collection of short stories
written by U.S. women writers about mother/daughter relationships.  The 1984
collection included stories written between 1848 and 1980.  The expanded collection
will include all of the original stories but will include more stories
published since 1980.  The most recent story will be from 2002.  The collection is
called Between Mothers and Daughters: Stories Across a Generation and I am the
editor, an historian of U.S. women's short stories, Susan Koppelman.

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