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Re: [BKARTS] looking for the graveyard of unwanted books

You might want to try the public libraries, they are getting rid of books all
the time! Check with publishers who have books that can't sell. Check with
waste management, they probably have contracts to burn off damaged and useless
books.  My father was an executive in a very large  publishing house in New
York and the corporate headquarters decided to eliminate the bookstore on the
ground flloor of the building (the land was too valuable), so they decided to
haul off all of the books to philedelphia to be burned.  Instead my father made a
deal with them to haul them to his backyard saving the cost of the trucking.
That is how we got our library of 6000 books,mostly first editions from the
1880's to the1970's! We had a better library than the town we lived in! The
hard part was moving them.

James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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