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Re: [BKARTS] Finding unwanted books

In a message dated 5/29/03 6:13:35 PM, Canzom@xxxxxxx writes:

<< You may want to keep an eye out for school/church fairs and library friends
groups having used book sales.   >>

The same is true for libraries.... one time I taught a class where we used
old books to make new ones. A librarian was taking the class and mentioned to me
that when books remained unsold at library book sales or from their book sale
rooms that they throw them out. She called me a week later and there was
literally a dumpster FULL of old books - no trash or anything else - just a huge,
full dumpster of books - and evidently its sole purpose was for discarded
books!  So I assume this happens often.
She apologized and said that there are lots of books that do not sell and
they just get dumped.

I noticed that you are in Chicago area.... I am in NW Indiana and I can see
if I can connect you up with this woman if you are interested, email me

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