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[BKARTS] Cook n' Stir replacement?

Dear Jeffrey, Bill, & others,
        The Stirchef was not supposed to appear in the major stores before
July, because our local store "Now You're Cooking" helped to develop it and
as a result, were supposed to get advance sales. I've put a notice about it
into the next GBW Newsletter which will be out soon. For those of you not
getting the Newsletter, here's the notice:

        The new "hands-free" Stir Chef saucepan stirrer with cordless
design and intermittent setting allows automatic stirring, fits any
saucepan from 6 to 8 1/2 inches in diameter, and comes with 3 heat
resistant paddles and 4 AA batteries. Cost: $29.95. Contact: Now You're
Cooking, 116 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850. Tel: 1-607-272-5818.

        It has 3 different sized blades so is adjustable for different
sized pots and folds up to fit neatly into a drawer. I bought one & it
works fine on my stove. But I don't know about the temperature or
durability after 3-4 years!

best, Barbara

>I noticed a new machine in a bloomingdale's advertisement called the
>Stirchef.  It appears to be a small motor that clamps on the inside of a
>kitchen pot, and the text says it can be set to stir continuously or
>occasionally.  No heating element, so you would have to use it on top of a
>stove or something.  I haven't tried it yet, but will get one soon.
>Stirchef, item # 3106-684,  $29.99
>Bloomingdales  1-800-555-shop

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