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Re: [BKARTS] binder's board

I am looking for a retail source for binder's board other than Davey board.
I heard that there is a board out there that is easier to cut. Not museum
board but a different brand than Davey. Any suggestions? Preferrably in the
eastern US.

Celia Tucker

I believe the other cover board you are referring to is a laminated cover board. Gane Brothers sells such a board, http://www.ganebrothers.com. I don't know if they have minimum order sizes. The information on their web site is minimal. Here's what they say about the board itself:

"This quality, 3-piece laminated coverboard is achieved through
in-line lamination.  The center layer represents about 60% of the
total thickness, while the two outside layers are about 20% each.
It's exceptionally smooth surface and 2:1 grain ratio provide an
outstanding feel.
Available calipers:  .059, .079, .087, .098, .118, .130"

The difference between Davey Board and the laminate board is the
manufacturing process.  This was covered in a thread back in 1999.
The relevant info can be found here:

Hope this helps.

- Duncan

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