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Re: [BKARTS] Binder's board

I use a handheld rotary cutter ( two brands are Fiskars and Olfa) and a
quilting ruler which has a lip to ensure a perfectly square cut.  You
can buy these in the quilting section of Michaels and I've seen the
rotary blades in Staples also. Works well although I have to change the
blade regularly.

Adelaide Lewis wrote:

Along the lines of the recent query asking about a board that is easier to cut than Davey board, has anyone found an alternate to cutting it other than using board shears (or as a last resort, by hand with a matte knife) ? If so, I would love to hear about it. Board shears are expensive to buy, and they take up more space than some of us can give. While there are alternatives such as going to a studio or other work space and using their shears (generally for a fee) this is not always a practical solution either.

Richard Lewis

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