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Re: [BKARTS] Binder's board


In my experience (with a Dahle trimmer, probably 36" blade, similar in
quality to the Kutrimmers) this type of cutter is better for paper and
lightweight board, but not binder's board.  At a previous job, we used this
to cut everything from tissue to blue/grey board (.060" thickness) and
occasionally binders board.  It did fine with everything until the binders
board, where the clamp wasn't strong enough to hold the board stationary.
That resulted in a slight curve in the cut, enough to make it difficult to
construct boxes and cases.  Again, this was with a Dahle brand trimmer.  The
Kutrimmer may be different.


on 6/2/03 12:09 PM, English, Scott at senglish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> Hey list,
> I'm planning to buy a paper cutter for my new studio, (just starting a book
> arts studio). I've been interested in the 'kutrimmers', probably a 24" to
> cut paper and board.
> Will these cutters handle book board? If not can you recommrnd one that
> will?
> Thanks for your help,
> Scott English

 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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