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Re: [BKARTS] binder's board

I have the aforementioned Gane board in stock and use it for quick
commercial/agency work. It is very lightweight and soft, sanding is near
impossible as it replaces one sheared edge with a rough edge.  Also, because
it is laminated, if you are going to fill in the inner boards, be sure and
cover the other side with the same amount of inner filling paper or it just
warps.  I gave some .098 to a binder who has a small paper cutter and she
said it cut very easy.  My Jacques cuts it like butter.  One plus is that it
is dirt cheap.  It does not come in bundles, you purchase in lots of 25.

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> >I am looking for a retail source for binder's board other than Davey
> >I heard that there is a board out there that is easier to cut. Not museum
> >board but a different brand than Davey. Any suggestions? Preferrably in
> >eastern US.
> >
> >Celia Tucker
> >bellbluedog@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>         I believe the other cover board you are referring to is a
> laminated cover board.  Gane Brothers sells such a board,
> http://www.ganebrothers.com.  I don't know if they have minimum order
> sizes.  The information on their web site is minimal.  Here's what
> they say about the board itself:
> "This quality, 3-piece laminated coverboard is achieved through
> in-line lamination.  The center layer represents about 60% of the
> total thickness, while the two outside layers are about 20% each.
> It's exceptionally smooth surface and 2:1 grain ratio provide an
> outstanding feel.
> Available calipers:  .059, .079, .087, .098, .118, .130"
> The difference between Davey Board and the laminate board is the
> manufacturing process.  This was covered in a thread back in 1999.
> The relevant info can be found here:
> Hope this helps.
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