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Re: [BKARTS] Binder's board

Dear Scott:

I am a distributor of several makes and models of paper guillotine cutters
and rotary trimmers.  I carry several marls and models including those made in
Germany by Dahle and Krug & Priester (under the trademark of EBA/IDEAL

Kutrimmer 1071 at US$545 with Free Shipping -- The most popular and respected
among bookbinders who work with Davey board is the kutrimmer model 1071 with
apx. 28" of cut length.  Our current price for this model is US$ 545 delivered
to any location in Canada and the USA.  You can view its picture at this
address:  http://members.aol.com/pfanian/EBA/1071.jpg

Foot operated clamp bar: You also expressed an interest in the floor models
with stand and foot operated clamp due to your disability in your left
(necessary to press the clam bar down).  Dahle makes an excellent cutter referred to
as workshop guillotine.  It come with a stand and has a foot operated clamp
system.  The model you would need is 580 with 32" of cut length.  Your cost on
this units will be US$ 1299 with Free Shipping.  You can view this cutter at the
manufacture's site here:  http://www.dahleusa.com/large.htm

Automatic clamp:  There are some nice kutrimmer cutters with automatic
clamps.  The clamp is automatically lowered as the blade is brought down.  Therefore
your left arm (as well as your foot) don't have to perform any task.
However, the biggest model with this option is kutrimmer 1043 with only 17" of cut

Rotary trimmers : these are very popular with photographers and single sheet
environments.  Generally they are not heavy duty enough to handle bookboard.
Of all the brands I carry ( bls , Kobra , Carl , Susis , Rotatrim ), only
Rotatrim is heavy duty enough to cut bookboard.  But because of the thickness of
the rotary blade itself, you will find that only the inner side of your cut
material is clean.  The outer side may be wavy sine the blade would run through
it as it is cutting, thereby changing its texture.

I hope the above helps.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email


Pedram Fanian
c/o     s i g n e t    a n d i n o    c o.
1506-75 Graydon Hall Dr.
Toronto, Ontario  M3A 3M5  Canada

PS: view our items and feedback on ebay under the user ID name of pfanian.

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