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Re: [BKARTS] guillotine cutters

A guilotine cutter is not exactly like a metal shear.
A guilotine cuts with a knife against a plastic block.
As the blade travels through a stack of paper, the
blade bears against the paper till the fibers in each
sheet of paper breaks from the force of the sharp
knife passing through it, and proceeds to the next
sheet of paper. This happens very fast, a thousand
sheets in a four inch high stack being sliced in half
a second.

I would not buy a used cutter unless I was intimately
familiar with it's maintenance history, even then I
would have it moved by a trusted erector and have him
carefully give the cutter a full safety and mechanical

There are two brands in my shop a Baumcut 31.5 that
serves the bindery needs of my smaller presses and
doccutecs, (http://www.baumfolder.com) and a Colter &
Peterson Saber 54" that serves my big presses and cuts
parent sheets to smaller sizes.


--- Celia Tucker <bellbluedog@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ed S.
>  I am new to this- What are the brands and general
> sizes are there availible
> in  this type of cutter? What would be common
> sources for used and more
> exciting...free guillotine cutters?
> I am more familiar with metal shears in this style
> that be purchased from
> places like Northern Tool and Harbor Frieght.
> celia

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