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Re: [BKARTS] guillotine cutters

I would agree about the mechanical history. It is best to examine them first
hand. BUT, here, I speak of power cutters. The old time manually operated
paper cutters have very little in the way of mechanism to go wrong or even wear
out.  In their operation, they are as simple as a board shear. They have a back
guage that operates with a wheel an a worm gear. Their clamps are either foot
powered or have a wheel that lowers the clamp when you give it a spin. The
knife is brought down with a long cast iron handle which is attached to a
counter-weight to bring it back up after the cut is made. You can't get much simpler
than that. Ocassionally, someone has abused them. The common problem then is
that the adjustment screws in the knife bar are lost or broken off.   Of course
no one should buy a pig in a poke. Give a look, kick the tires. If nothing
falls off it's probably O.K.

Ed S.

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