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Re: [BKARTS] guillotine cutters


Sure, paper cutters can be dangerous as hell, but so is your automoble. More
people have been killed in automobiles than all the wars that have ever been
fought. But, I don't hear of anyone being cautioned of that fact before buying

My family has always been hunters and target shooters. My dad alway said that
every gun is loaded. And never point a gun at someone you don't want to kill.
 = Proper use results in safety.

Forty-five years ago. I mashed the end of my finger off with the hydraulic
clamp on my cutter. I wasn't careful enough. I still have the cutter and the
rest of my fingers.  There are many, many more things to fear from a
malfunctioning power cutter. It is not uncommon for the knife to repeat and take off a

No machine is idiot proof.

There's not a machine in the world that is not to some degree dangerous. When
I was young, I did major damage to my thumb and forfinger by unwinding a
clock without proper knowledge or equipment. No one thinks of clocks as dangerous
but they can be.  I think its good of you to warn prospective buyers of manual
paper cutters of the potential problems. But potential problems should not
stop anyone who is in need of one.


Ed S.

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