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Re: [BKARTS] UCLA Extension Class

I can't help myself - I have to tell you all that if
you can take this course - if there's anyway you can
take this course - you should take this course!!

This was the best thing I ever did for myself and well
worth the price.  The techniques and materials and
structures throughout the weeks were useful and
exciting (honest!).  I learned more in the first hour
than I had known in the whole previous year.

Wish I could take it again.....

Judi D.

--- Two Hands Press <TwoHandsPr@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Announcing a Summer Intensive class:=20
> Handmade Book Structures
> Art 4 Units X418.12
> A 12-meeting course at UCLA Extension
> taught over six weeks
> by Kitty Maryatt, MFA
> Principal Owner, Two Hands Press
> and Director of the Scripps College Press
> Starts June 24, 2003
> Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-10 p.m.
> Cost: $475
> Contact: UCLA Extension
> 310 825-9971
> or visit uclaextension.org
> The structure of artist=E2=80=99s books today is
> constantly changing,
> challenging our conception of the meaning of the
> word
> book. The act of opening and manipulating a book
> becomes an experience in itself, enlarging the
> process
> of interaction between the reader and the book.
> Essential
> to artists and printers in constructing imaginative
> bookbindings for a variety of applications, this
> course
> investigates the anatomy of the book: when and how
> to sew through the fold; when to pleat, fan, or glue
> the=20
> pages together; methods of attaching limp or stiff
> covers;
> and how the nature of paper can determine an
> appropriate structure. Instruction emphasizes the
> archaeology of the book: how historical sewing
> structures
> can be revitalized, as well as the value of
> craftsmanship in bookmaking. Each week, students
> make
> models of different book structures. Assignments
> encourage
> the imaginative adaption of structures
> outside of class. No previous experience required.

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