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[BKARTS] was Fine Print, now health care for artists...

Hello, Diane & all,
I also struggle any time anything minor comes up medical or dental, wanted to tell
you that without my city's dental school, I'd surely be missing teeth. Food for
thought for anyone else who's living thin...

Diane Cassidy wrote:

> You are so funny. Firstly, I am completely out of money due to dental bills
> and recent computer purchases. The good part is that honeymoons don't require
> much money. Fancy vacations, maybe yes. Second, I need someone to help me get
> savvy with ebay. I have a couple of good cameras I want to sell (so I can
> afford a digital camera) and the reputable camera stores told me that ebay is the
> only way to go. I'm in no rush. So maybe when you're home from your fancy
> honeymoon you can offer some advice.   Diane Cassidy

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