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Re: [BKARTS] printing halftones

On 6/11/03 11:03 AM, "Kerri Sancomb" <kerri@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We print from magnesium
> plates still as the magnetic base for polymer plates is still very much
> outside our budget.

You might consider a more economical Boxcar Base, which will hold the
polymer plate type high for printing. There are a lot of advantages of our
adhesive plate-mounting system when compared to the magnetic systems. You
can read more online at :

Our platemaking facilities can process plates up to 150 lpi. As others have
mentioned, it's the presswork, paper, and ink that limits line screen more
than the plate. We suggest 133 lpi as a maximum for uncoated and coated
machine-made paper.

You can adjust the image in Photoshop so that 1) the dark areas don't "gain"
and fill in to be darker on the press and 2) the light areas don't disappear
to create "hot spots." Use the Levels or Curves to make these adjustments.
It should look a bit lighter, and a bit grayer, on screen, than what you
want to see on the press. The higher the lpi the more drastic you need to
make these adjustments. The Universal is the better press for this job. Some
printers like a soft rubbery packing behind the halftone.

Hope this helps!

I hope this helps!

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