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Re: [BKARTS] Soluble Nylon


TALAS no longer sells it because no one makes it. It proved to be a flash in
the pan. After awhile in loses its flexibility, although it cannot be
considederd brittle. I guess I'd call it crumbly.

And,  whoever said that DuPont sold it under the name of Elvace is
misinformed. First off, Elvace is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, an adhesive. It started out as
PVA. Still not soluble nylon.  What's more, The DuPont Co. sold Elvace to the
Reichhold Chemical Co. about 25 years ago.

Soluble nylon was manufactured by ICI in England under the name of "Caliton"

Whatever, there's little point in wondering how it works if you can't get it.

By the way, I do a lot of paper restoration. Elvace properly used appears to
be a very good paper sizing.  Time may prove otherwise.

Ed Stansell

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