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Re: [BKARTS] Wooden Covers?

I've had a lot of success using Shina Plywood purchased from a wood block
printmaking supply company. I've used the 1/4" thick 3 ply with a mahogany core
and the 3/8" thick all shina plywood. The wood is lovely just finished with a
light oil or polyurathane. But I have also woodburned it, painted on it, and
dyed it--all with results I liked. I'm not much good with a saw so I like the
fact that I can buy small sizes--4 x 6 or 6 x 8.

I started using it because I had an idea to do a print for a book and then
used the wood plate for the cover--I have yet to try that.

I buy my wood from McClains-- www.imcclains.com or 503-524-9600 (call on
Pacific time).

I've also made minsture books using 1/8" plywood rectangles bought in a craft
store like Michaels. I don't have a clue what other people use them for (they
are about the size of a business card) but they make great little books.

I had a pottery teacher come to my class once and help us make book covers.
They were a big failure. They were very heavy even though we tried to use the
roller to get them as thin as possible but still stand up to firing. Also the
attachment of the book block was a problem. We tried making holes before they
were fired. But I think we were just not good enough with the clay to get a
good cover and most in the class decided they did not want to work at getting
good enough with clay to get a good product. They were having enough of a
challenge doing bookbinding with traditiona materials.

I did try polymer clay a little and liked it a lot better. Again, attachment
of the book block was the biggest challenge. I'm still trying to get a polymer
clay cover I really like.

Patricia Grass

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