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[BKARTS] Ebay Sales

I've been doing a little research on on-line marketing as part of a talk I'm
giving for artists who live and work in rural areas. As part of that, I'm
looking at art sales on ebay to evaluate how effective doing the
"self-representing artist" might be for some artists and one phenomenon that
I came across was the use of search terms, such as "emoma" (electronic
museum of modern art) that identify the artist as being part of a group of
artists working in the same vein.

In the articles I've read about this practice and in browsing their
auctions, it seems that for some groups it is a very effective means of
connecting with buyers who are interested in that particular vein, producing
more hits to the auction, more bidders and higher selling prices.

Of course, all this made me think of artist's books.

When I go to ebay to look for books made by artists, either blank or
artist's books, the vocabulary used to describe the work is all over the
map, making it time consuming to find out what's available.

I'd be interested in hearing other artists' thoughts on developing a
standardized terminology or possibly even a cooperative label for use by
book artists who sell on ebay. It seems that if there was an umbrella term
that would make it easy on potential collectors, there might be more
opportunities for artists who make books.

Of course, this is probably much more complicated than I'm even aware and I
would assume that the successful cooperatives have some guidelines designed
to maintain a respectable selling price and to keep the quality of the work
at a certain level.

Any and all thoughts on this would be appreciated.

with best wishes,

Roberta Lavadour
Pendleton, Oregon

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