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[BKARTS] Very Large Tight Back

I am interested in making an 800 page tight back bound book, 18 by 12
inches. I am familiar enough with this sort of binding, and have done it
before. But not in a volume of this size. I wanted to put quarter canvas on
the spine. Then I will cover the boards with paper. I plan to sew onto
recessed cords, then reinforce the spine with mull, and do a hollow back.
What sort of advice could anyone give about doing a tight back of this size?
Will  mull be enough of a reinforcement on the spine? Is there another way I
can insure that the spine will hold up under the weight of 800 pages? Is
canvas acceptable, or must I go with leather on the spine? And lastly, what
thickness of Davey Board should I go with?
Alex Appella

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