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Re: [BKARTS] Very Large Tight Back

Alex, I thought that all tight back books have the cover spine material
fastened directly to the book block spine? Are you making a tight or hollow
back book?

By the way, I borrowed an 8.5 x 11 inch 1500 page (750 sheets) hollow back
double fan glued book from the local library. It appeared to be quite
durable and only used regular relatively thin close weave cloth on the
spine. As many have mentioned here before, open weave mull is not really
strong enough on a hollow back book this size. It will tear between the book
block spine and the endpapers it is glued under.

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-----Original Message-----
I am interested in making an 800 page tight back bound book, 18 by 12
inches. I am familiar enough with this sort of binding, and have done it
before. But not in a volume of this size. I wanted to put quarter canvas on
the spine. Then I will cover the boards with paper. I plan to sew onto
recessed cords, then reinforce the spine with mull, and do a hollow back.

Alex Appella

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