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Re: [BKARTS] Dahle 842 / bls 82 ream cutter and other options


I am a member of the chat group and also a distributor for a number of makes
of paper cutters.  The Dahle 842 (it is also made under the bLS brand name #82
in black) is a ream cutter.  It is overall a very nice product for cutting
stacks of paper up to a max of 200 sheets (based on regular 20 lb paper).  The
cutter is made in Germany.  It is reliable, highly precise and the blade is
made of solingen steel.  Is the smallest ream cutter that Dahle/bls make but it
is also the most reliable as the larger units are more complicated and less
reliable. (The machine still is heavy at about 70 lbs so it is not mobile and
needs to be placed on a solid work bench or on stands that come as optional
accessory.) Now about the pricing, we have this unit as follows:

USD$695  bLS 82 in black color (aka Dahle 842 ream paper cutter) - 200 sheets
Spare Solingen blade supplied with each cutter
includes FREE shipping in the continental USA
Stand is optional
see picture:  http://members.aol.com/pfanian/bls/bls82.jpg

The other option you may wish to consider is a table top guillotine cutter.
Or as it is called an arm lever cutters.  The best unit in the market today
that also cuts the most number of sheets is the EBA 1038 (aka Ideal mbm
kutrimmer 1038).   You can cut a max of 50 sheets with this unit.  and the max. cut
length is 15".  The cutter also has a side gauge that when extracted acts as a
paper support and when brought fully in serves as a "hairline" cutting device
as it only allows a very narrow edge of the paper to be under the blade.  The
clamping system is manual.  The cost of the model 1038 is $315 with FREE
shipping.  See picture: http://members.aol.com/pfanian/EBA/1038.jpg

Kutrimmer is generally popular in the bookbinding and book arts communities.
The other units that are available in the kutrimmer line are as follows:

kutrimmer 2035 $180 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1043 $295 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1038 $as quoted above with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1058 $475 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1071 $555 with FREE shipping

Lastly, you can consider a rotary paper trimmer that operate with a round
blade travelling along a glide bar.  There are several fine options from Rotatrim
, Dahle , bLS , Susis , and Kobra but non will do multiple cuts as well as
the guillotine types.  The rotary cutters, in my opinion, are better utilized in
environments where single or a few sheets need to be trimmed to size - like
in photography - or in large-format settings where generous sized prints or
plans need to be trimmed.

In general we have the best prices on both guillotines and rotary trimmers.
If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to contact me.

good luck,

pedram fanian
SignetAndino co
tel 416-464-9712

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