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[BKARTS] MBM Triumph 3905 guillotine

I've got a chance to buy a used MBM Triumph 3905 guillotine from a local
office supply and print shop. They are getting an electric model. I am
wondering if this model is reliable and suitable for my planned book
printing and binding with initial low volume production. I will be trimming
8.5 x 11 inch cloth soft cover adhesive bound books, printed via laser
printer on 8.5 x 11 inch cut sheets, maximum thickness I'm considered for my
books in the future will be 1.0-1.5 inches.

I compared this to some other models. MBM Triumph 3905, manual, cuts 15.375
x 1.5 inches, has front crank operated back gauge, plastic safety shields,
new US$1146 or even less. This looks more rugged than the Martin Yale 7000E
which is much cheaper. I can buy a Dahle 846 which has 17 x 2.125 inch cut
for US$1186. I see that the Dahle has a bigger cutting capacity and would
rather buy this if I was buying new.

The local office supply and print shop is having problems with the back
gauge getting out of square. Also they complained about the trim being
slightly angled even with a sharp blade. I have a machine shop to fix
something that can be fixed, or I can even remake a part or two. I am mostly
wondering if this type of model can be efficient in trimming books, or if
anyone has had problems with this model?

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