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[BKARTS] sugestions on how to bind a bible

Hello With these discussions about binding large books I have some questions.

I am still in the initial stages of this project, the making of the New
Testament and several other Books of the Bible are done, but I am in the process of
scanning it. Yes, I am still scanning it, still having trouble with the
metallic colors! Each scan is 26MB in size so it takes time. The text of the New
Testament is 677 pages in length and including other pages I estimate that it
will be about 750 pages in length with all of the dedication pages and genealogy
pages at the front, the pages being 9X12 inches on the original. Also, I
intend to print them as separate books. The Gospel of Mark will be 100 pages 11 by
14 inches in size. We haven't even determined the type of paper to use.  The
Book of Proverbs also 100 pages also 11 by 14 and several other books also
11X14.  So if you are starting from scratch what are the best methods to use to
bind these pages, for facsimile editions? The paper etc.  The Bible being an
illuminated manuscript in full color entirely made by hand. Now remember I am
just a scribe. You are all the experts in this ... HELP!


James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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