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Re: [BKARTS] Soluble Nylon

On 6/13/03 4:22 PM, "Nancy Nitzberg" <NHNitzberg@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Frank, I've never worked with soluble nylon nor seen the problematic results
> of its use, but there are a number of negative comments about it at the
> following website: palimsest.stanford.edu    Scroll down and do a CoOL search
> for
> the term soluble nylon, if you'd like to read more on it than the excerpt
> below.
> Nancy
> From Vol. 6, No. 1 of the Abbey Newsletter. . . (Feb. 1982)
> Soluble Nylon Reevaluated
> . . .Experience with a large number of objects made of widely differing
> materials that were treated with soluble nylon as long ago as the late 1950s
> and
> early 1960s has shown that, without exception, all of them exhibited the same
> problems: 1) the film had attracted dirt and dust, badly discoloring the
> objects
> and obscuring painted decoration; 2) the film was not matt; 3) the film had
> exerted strong contractile forces, peeling off the surface of the object with
> it; 4) the film was no longer flexible; and 5) the film was insoluble. Of the
> desirable properties originally claimed for it, permeability to water is the
> only one that seems to be maintained over time. . .
Dear Nancy and everyone else who responded,

Thank you for the information on soluble nylon. Next time I promise to put
both brain cells in gear simultaneously and check CoOL first!

Lehmann Bindery

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