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Re: [BKARTS] Transparent vellum

This is not much different from what is in Etherington & Roberts, but
it is the original patent specification from 1785 (found in: _A History
of English Craft Bookbinding Technique_ by Bernard Middleton:

"A.D. 1785, January 28.  No. 1462

"Edwards, James.  'Embellishing books bound in vellum by making
drawings on the vellum which are not liable to be defaced but
by destroying the vellum itself.'

"To prepare the skin 'take off with a sharp knife all the loose
spongy part of the flesh, then soak the part to be ornamented with
water in which a small quantity of pearlash has been dissolved, till
it is throughly wet, afterwards press it very hard, and it becomes

"It may then be drawn upon, 'beginning with the most light and
delicate shades, afterwards with the stronger and ending with the

"The drawing when finished 'may be painted with strong opake colours;
but in this case the shades must be painted first and the lights

"Copper plates also may be impressed 'so as to have a similar effect.'
When the ornamentation is completed, the skin 'must be lined with fine
wove paper put on with paste made of the best flour, and is then ready
for covering as other vellum books."


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