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Re: [BKARTS] question about a book


We rebind many of the paperbacks which come into the library here at my lab.
We did this precisely because the books were not flexible, would not stay
open and would crack when mashed against the photocopy machine.

I think there are two keys to rebinding a paperback book so that it can stay
open flat (remember there are other factors, such as thickness and the type
of paper which may adversely affect your lay flat binding):

1) A flexible adhesive binding method.  Use a glue which is supposed to
flex.  There are many suitable ones available.  We use Jade 403, a standard
PVA.  Planatol is another one.  Wisdom adhesives makes another fan gluing
adhesive too, I believe.  I won't get into methods of adhesive binding, this
has been discussed before, but we use the double fan method.

2) This is key-- make sure the spine of the cover is not attached to the
spine of the book.  Unless you are using a cloth or a very thin paper, the
paper glued to the spine of the book makes it very stiff to open no matter
how well you double fan adhesive bound the volume.  One method which isn't
too difficult to use is Peter Jermann's <http://temperproductions.com/>.  He
has instructions on his site.  This is basically what we use in the lab
(with some modifications to fit our production-line style).  He has a
picture of what I mean about the spine springing away from the textblock as

With these two things in mind, you will rebind this cookbook to lay very
flat.  Now... if I only had time to rebind all my cookbooks...


on 6/14/03 1:16 AM, Kristen Kakos at kbk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> a friend of mine has a perfect bound book he wants rebound. (single sheets
> glued into the spine.) really, he just wants anything done to so it will
> sit flat.  it's a cook book, you see.
> the only thing i could think of to do would be actually cut off the
> present spine and punch holes for a spiral type binding.
> i'll try to get some pictures, but if anyone has ideas for me on
> 1 -- any other things i can do
> 2 -- any ideas for how i could accomplish the spiral binding thing.  i
> have no machinery and don't really have much interest in spending much
> money on this type of thing...

 Eric Alstrom      Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College      Hanover, NH
 603-646-1452      eric.c.alstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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