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Re: [BKARTS] Very Large Tight Back


Your post was a bit ambiguous in that you referred to both tight and
hollow backs. However...
If your paper has a nice drape you shouldn't have to worry about
openability regardless of the spine structure.Getting the correct swell
will probably be the larger problem. If you want something that's going
to keep its shape no matter what, you could sew over double raised
cords; packing the thread would give even more resistance to
deformation. I've never been a fan of recessed cords, but in this case
maybe the extra penetration of the spine adhesive could help stiffen the
spine. If you're interested in springbacks, check webmeister Peter
Verheyen's website; there's a tutorial. As for spine lining, I'd first
line with a couple of layers of Japanese paper. Handmade Okawara or
Hosho would be good. For a tightback, follow with a leather lining.
Adhere all layers with paste. Use a sewn on endpaper section with linen
joints. Finally, board thickness. I was taught that the shoulder depth
after backing will determine the board needed, rather than trying to
force the shoulder to accept an arbitrary board choice. If necessary,
laminate to achieve the correct thickness. If they look clumsy, bevel
the edges.
Lotsa luck...

Don Rash

Transient Books wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in making an 800 page tight back bound book, 18 by 12
> inches. I am familiar enough with this sort of binding, and have done it
> before. But not in a volume of this size. I wanted to put quarter canvas on
> the spine. Then I will cover the boards with paper. I plan to sew onto
> recessed cords, then reinforce the spine with mull, and do a hollow back.
> What sort of advice could anyone give about doing a tight back of this size?
> Will  mull be enough of a reinforcement on the spine? Is there another way I
> can insure that the spine will hold up under the weight of 800 pages? Is
> canvas acceptable, or must I go with leather on the spine? And lastly, what
> thickness of Davey Board should I go with?
> Thanks,
> Alex Appella
> www.transientbooks.com

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