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Re: [BKARTS] Transparent Vellum


Not at all.  Just a casual question, and I do think that it would make
an interesting graduate student project to scout out and examine the
surviving exemplars, just to see what there may be to see.


>Jack - are you suggesting the addition of alkali is to correct a ph
>inbalance? We're talking about colors that are painted onto vellum, then
>sealed *behind* the cover.
>I suspect Eddie's concerned because the vellum now obtained is a) flushed
>clean of calcium - remember, in the eighteenth century they would cram
>chalk into their skins; some parchment makers still do; b) has a surface
>about as receptive as glass. So the pearl ash is probably meant as a
>mordant of sorts.
>Paul T Werner, New York

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