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Re: [BKARTS] Available Again - "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books," co-authored by Matt T. Roberts & Don Etherington

I am coming out of my lurking state to endorse Peter's statement that
"Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books" is a must have. I bought one of
the original printings years ago and consider it a "Bible" for anyone
involved in bookbinding and conservation.  For bookbinders it gives
structural details and definitions.  If you ever read a book on bookbinding
and did not know what the heck the author was talking about, you could look
up the terms and structures in Etherington's book and find out.  For
conservators, and those binders interested in the elements of the craft, the
book even gives the chemical designations of things like methylcellulose and
magnesium carbonate.  Simply put, if my house was on fire, I would grab my
cat and Etherington's book and get out of there.  Don't miss the opportunity
to buy it.
Karen Terrell Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio
Colorado Springs, CO

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