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Re: [BKARTS] Layflat binding looks broken-Otabind vs Double-fan

Hi all:

I thought that the Otabind method used a double-fan gluing process. I
researched it a bit more and it seems that the Otabind method does not use a
double-fan glue process. Does anyone know for sure. How exactly is the glue
applied in Otabind. If double-fan gluing is not used, how can it be as
strong as claimed? There are also generic versions. Any comments

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-----Original Message-----
I was wondering what folks thought of something that is happening at my day
job. I work for a college textbook publisher, and right now we are sending
books to press that are due in bookstores in July/August. The powers-that-be
decided that now was the perfect time to tell manufacturing and production
(where I am) that all books that were scheduled to be printed layflat
(originally patented under the name Otabind) had to be perfect-bound
instead, and that this was due to the marketplace perception that layflat
books somehow had broken and/or more fragile spines (although of course when
one uses the book, you can see the pages don't fall out). I'm not upset that
were are changing orders that are already at the printer, but I am very
upset that we are spending scarce money because of a false perception. Then
my husband pointed out that it might not be false. So, does anyone here know
if layflat books are more fragile at the spine than perfect-bound? We are
printing at Webcom in
 Toronto, if that is any help. Many thanks.


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