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Re: [BKARTS] Layflat binding looks broken-Otabind vs Double-fan

Ortabind/LayFlat makes use of standard 'perfect'
bindinbg rechnology; but when the cover is applied it
allready has a strip spine glued to it. When the book
is opened, a space is formed berween the psuedo spine
and the cover of the book, much as a space is opened
between the spine and backing of a sewn book.

Forgetting the appearance, when done properly, this
style of binding will stand up to more classroom abuse
than a regular 'perfect' binding. Our school printshop
has the version of cover reinforcing machine for
Layflat  made by Brackett and it works beautifully for

--- Ben Wiens <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all:
> I thought that the Otabind method used a double-fan
> gluing process. I
> researched it a bit more and it seems that the
> Otabind method does not use a
> double-fan glue process. Does anyone know for sure.
> How exactly is the glue
> applied in Otabind. If double-fan gluing is not
> used, how can it be as
> strong as claimed? There are also generic versions.
> Any comments
> appreciated.
> Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
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> -----Original Message-----
> I was wondering what folks thought of something that
> is happening at my day
> job. I work for a college textbook publisher, and
> right now we are sending
> books to press that are due in bookstores in
> July/August. The powers-that-be
> decided that now was the perfect time to tell
> manufacturing and production
> (where I am) that all books that were scheduled to
> be printed layflat
> (originally patented under the name Otabind) had to
> be perfect-bound
> instead, and that this was due to the marketplace
> perception that layflat
> books somehow had broken and/or more fragile spines
> (although of course when
> one uses the book, you can see the pages don't fall
> out). I'm not upset that
> were are changing orders that are already at the
> printer, but I am very
> upset that we are spending scarce money because of a
> false perception. Then
> my husband pointed out that it might not be false.
> So, does anyone here know
> if layflat books are more fragile at the spine than
> perfect-bound? We are
> printing at Webcom in
>  Toronto, if that is any help. Many thanks.
> Katy
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